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How does DubCloud work?


Choose your tracks

Select up to 58 minutes worth of music from our ever-growing catalog.


Select your sides

Stack the tracks and arrange it on either Side A / Side B.


Checkout and we'll ship it out

Your doorstep or someone else’s, we’ll dub your mixtape and ship it anywhere within Malaysia.

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Fast and hassle-free payment online using your debit/credit card, online transfer (FPX) and even Grabpay.
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For artists

Sign up for DubCloud, and:

Artist set their own prices

Set your price

Add as many tracks that you want and set your own pricing.

Get paid in days, not months

Get paid within days

Purchases of your tracks are paid out within 3-5 working days. No more waiting for months for your royalty pay cheques.

Simple and transparent fees

Simple and transparent fees

DubCloud takes a 20% fee for every track that you sell on the platform. That’s it. No hidden fees.

Earn more from your music compared to streaming platforms.

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself.

Note: 1 track sale is roughly equivalent to 125 streams.